Our Chiropractic Mission: You Are Strong.

Don’t settle for pain or weakness. We can help you be you again.

P. White

I was truly impressed with the caring staff and friendly can-do attitude. Love the doctors and staff at WNY Spine & Chiropractic.

Auto injuries. Sports injuries. Work injuries. Rehabilitation. Wellness care. We are experienced in all these and more. We are committed to providing you the finest chiropractic care, in a professional, comfortable, and relaxed environment.


You don’t need the added worry of hunting for parking downtown. That’s a headache, and we make headaches go away–in this case by validating.

Same Day

Recognizing that when you’re in pain you don’t want to wait to receive professional care, we offer same-day appointments.


As chiropractic treatment has increased in effectiveness and popularity, many insurance providers have opted to cover such care.

Methodical and
Calculated Approach

We treat every patient, regardless of the nature of severity of the injury, with the same methodical, calculated, and compassionate approach.

Chiropractic Services

We adjust our approach as necessary to serve the unique needs of individuals, helping everyone from elite athletes to the elderly, from those who need high-tech laser therapy to relieve pain or facilitate healing to those who simply need the soothing corrective pressure of trigger point therapy. Our holistic, customized approach is data-driven, non-invasive, and wide-ranging. Among the many treatments we provide are the ice-and-compression technique that speeds recovery, by which we’ve enabled professional athletes to return to competition with confidence; flexion-distraction treatment for relieving pain and improving mobility; and traction therapy for stretching the spinal column and reducing the pressure on discs.

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No-Cost Treatment

To eligible New York State residents, we provide no-cost treatment.

No-Fault Insurance

Don't let cost keep you from treatment after a car crash. To eligible New York State residents, it's covered.

Workers Compensation

This covers care in many cases if you're injured on the job.


Paying this way helps us control costs and focus on you, not your insurer.

Meet the Team

Our team of dedicated and caring professionals is led by Dr. Alexi Fakhari, whose patients often use the words “trust” and “faith” to describe their high regard for him. Dr. Fakhari is known and admired by others in the field for his aggressive, “outside the box” approach to treatment, which has proved to be very effective in restoring athletes and many other patients to the lives and careers they love.

Dr. Loft

Dr. Daley

Dr. Odell


Senior Office Manager

Ari Schunk

Patient Coordinator

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Patient Coordinator


Alyssa Gurney

Patient Coordinator