After you have been in a car accident there is a lot going on in your mind at one time. Some of the many thoughts racing through your mind might be, Am I okay? Is my car, okay? How expensive is this going to be? If you are lucky to walk out of a car accident without any injuries, that is great. Walking away from a car accident without feeling hurt is ideal, but there may be some shift in your spine that can cause issues down the line. On the other hand, you can walk away from a car accident feeling pain in your back. You can feel back pain right away from a car accident, sometimes you may feel pain up to several weeks later. It’s incredibly common to not feel any pain until weeks later due to The reason for this is from the adrenaline coursing around your body.  

Different Ways Car Accidents Can Cause Back Pain  

There are multiple types of injuries that can happen when you have been in a car accident which can cause a variety of issues, here are some of the issues that can occur:  

  • Herniated or bulging disc: This is a common issue people run into after a motor vehicle accident. Your intervertebral discs are spongy, soft cushions between the bones of your spine that give you the capability of twisting and bending. If you injure yourself, it is possible for a disc to become pushed out of place. This can cause an immense amount of pain and a challenging time moving around. In some cases, discs can rupture if damaged and can lead to the surrounding nerves.  
  • Whiplash: The most common term heard when someone has been in a car accident. Whiplash is the term that is used when your head is snapped in one direction and causes shoulder, neck, and back pain. This can even happen if there is harsh braking; a car accident is not the only way to experience whiplash. 
  • Facet joint injuries and bone fractures: You can have a fractured bone from sudden impact. Your facet joints are within your spinal column the prevent overextension or over-twisting of your spine. These are other aspects of your body that can become injured during a motor vehicle accident.  
  • Ligament, muscle, and nerve pain: Within your neck and back you have a copious number of ligaments, muscles, and nerves. If you have an injury to any of these during an accident, you will end up in a lot of pain.  

Seeing A Chiropractor After a Car Accident  

While you may not even be thinking about seeing a chiropractor after you get into a car accident, it is something that you should genuinely consider. Receiving chiropractic care can help you heal from any injuries that may have occurred as well as help prevent and diminish any that can come up in the future. Here are some of the best benefits you can receive from a chiropractor for your pain:  

  • Reduces inflammation: After being in a car accident, inflammation is a common side effect. Inflammation occurs due to the force of your body causing tiny tears within your muscles and ligaments. You are not able to spot inflammation on X-Rays, but you will be left feeling sore and stiff. When you see a chiropractor for inflammation, they help your body release an anti-inflammatory chemical that will decrease any pain and helps you recover much faster.  
  • There is no need for medication: There are a lot of individuals who do not love the idea of being put on heavy pain medications. Chiropractic care gives you the relief of feeling better without any prescriptions.  
  • Prevention of further pain: if you develop any scar tissue from previous injuries this can cause discomfort and stiffness that can lead to long-term back pain. When you see a chiropractor, you can focus on areas that need healing to help diminish any scar tissue. 

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